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It was the first year of the Goliath and David festival where everything started. The enthusiasm springing from the unexpectedly great success of this event made us decide. We bestirred to continue in organizing the festival, as well as to come up with new ideas. To prepare conditions for the ideas to become true, we founded GOADA, an association which would present board games to general public.

The goal of the association is to help people find their path to a sociable way of spending their leisure time: in families, in groups of friends, in work teams, in school clubs. No virtual reality, no instant messaging, no network gaming. Meeting face to face in close circles with a board game in the middle, taking the role of fire in ancient ages of the humankind. Communication through and by the game. Relaxing together, not separated by walls of impersonal through-the-air touches. With real eye contact, real speech, real listening.

And that reason was enough to make five (now four) adults to get moving. To set up events and let laymen peek in wrapped boxes seen in supermarkets. To allow them touch the game pieces and try games before they go somewhere and buy any. To help them choose what they and their families and friends would like to play. So they would never buy a pig in a poke. So they have enough time to seek what they really want.

With water flowing in rivers, we have been meeting lots of people both in front and behind the curtain. We cooperate with other associations, such as the Pilsner boardgame club Bedna or the Prague clubs Paluba and Czech Board Games. We set up events for public, amateur players and for game authors too, encouraging them in special workshops.

And that’s it! Here we are, coming up with many events with modern board games starring in the title role. We offer you to play and try games as well as to create your own board games with our support. You can choose from tens of events, with the Goliath and David festival in the spotlight.

Should you feel like contacting us, below you will find the corresponding information. Should you feel like coming to any of our events, we will be happy to meet you in the world of modern board games.

GOADA o.s.

Koperníkova 39


301 00

Czech Republic


GOADA members: Aleš Matas, Petr Vaněček, Zdeněk Lomička, Ladislav Sedlák

You’ll find new pals. Both boys and gals! So come to play ...