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The Goliath and David Board Games Festival


The first G ‘n’ D festival took place on November 12 and 13, 2006. Organized by the Tirga and the Bedna board games clubs and their friends and other befriended volunteers, it experienced surprisingly high attendance as well as a marvelous response from the audience. About a half thousand visitors arrived in the two-days board game realm and the only objections propounded addressed the inclement weather. But the hell outside was safely walled off by the thick glass and merry spirit of the companion.

The great public acceptance inspired us to found GOADA (derived from the festival name). This association aims to popularize board games and organize various events to accent board games as a rich leisure time activity with possitive socializing aspects. However, the main purpose of the association is the main event, the Goliath and David festival, organized annually.

Who the event is for

Simply for everyone. The festival is open for general public. The goal of the event is to show families, children and adults the broad choice of chiefly modern board games. To let them touch the game sets. To help them find games of their interests. To guide them through new exciting stories. To explain rules and help the players not to get lost. The visitors can play any game they like, make new friends and enter for contests where anyone can win beautiful board games.

Although the event targets general public above all, experienced players and member of board game clubs are also welcome there. As we try to bring also brand new games just having been published abroad, even experienced players can find something new in the festival.

What you can expect

Simply a peaceful weekend full of games and smiles.

Let your sight help you choose the most attractive board game. Come on, open the box. Spread the game plan. Touch the pieces. Smell the paper print colours. Unleash your fantasy. Let your imagination slip into alternative worlds. That is the main room, „the room of open boxes, as we call it. Here you can play any game that attracts you and ask our guides for help. If you like some of the games and just must have them, you can buy them from their distributors right there in the festival, often much cheaper than in usual shops.

Besides the huge hall with open boxes, there are smaller rooms where specific games are prepared. Mostly, those are games which require concentration or longer time.

In special corners you can also try to play games for handicapped people.

In one room, there will be an interesting contest for creative visitors.

In a special room, you can see short films made by students of an art school. There will also be a theatre piece for children.

You and us

You are the ones who are important in the festival. Your wishes, your feedback, your ideas – this is what helps us improve the festival so that it suits your taste.