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The Goliath and David board game festival

Every year since 2006, there is a weekend full of board games in Nepomuk. For more information, read section Festival.

Deskboarding Monday nights in Kačaba café

Kačaba is a small cosy non-smoker café in the center of Pilsen. By providing handicapped people work in the café, it helps them to bridge troubled waters from their separation to the real life. Once a month, GOADA brings board games to this peaceful place, presents them and let the visitors play. In cooperation with Kavenu Arakasi, we also keep adding new games to the board game treasury available to any visitor of the café any time.

Boardgaming in Days of science and technologies in Pilsen

We also prepare a program for this huge event organized by the University of West Bohemia.

Many smaller events

About once a month. There is an additional, mostly a single-day board game event. We organize these events for schools, libraries and charities. We always insist on seeing the place in advance so we can use the facilities the best we can and make the event as peasant as possible.

Yearly competition in creation of the best original board game

Every year we run a special creative competition, trying to light a sparkle of inspiration in talented authors. Many people have ideas for a new board game. We want to give them a chance to make their ideas real. The winner game of 2006/07 will now be published in cooperation with the Pilsen region authorities.

Workshops for board game authors

In cooperation with Prague clubs Czech Board Games and Paluba, we organize special events for board game authors and public interested in the process of creation of games. These events provide various courses, lectures and workshops, as well as they make local board games authors gather, share their experience and test prototypes of their games.

Publishing of a new board game

As mentioned above, we cooperate with Pilsen region authorities to publish a new board game which was created for our creative competition and won it in 2007. This game is great for players of any age, and you bet that the younger ones often beat adults. You can play it with your friends, family, schoolmates or work teammates. More information will soon be available at this website.

We cooperate with many board game clubs, such as Bedna in Pilsen or those already mentioned. We also communicate with many board game distributors, developers and manufacturers.